The Formative Years

Brian Cumbo was born and raised in the heart of coal mining country, Inez, Kentucky. Embodying many of the values commonly associated with the region, Brian is proud of his cultural heritage and has made it his life focus to better his community and the people within it.

Blessed with a strong family background Brian developed an understanding of, and appreciation for, hard work. Having spent many hours with his father, Niles at the water district doing everything from repairing water lines to digging ditches the core tenants of his values were defined.

Having experienced hard labor from an early age Brian became well aware of what it meant to earn your living with your hands. The importance of education was always stressed along with his education into manual labor. Armed with a strong work ethic, the desire to help people and his family values Brian grasped the opportunity to attend Morehead State University with both hands.

Refining Values

During his time at Morehead State University, where he studied Business Administration, Brian’s passion for helping others continued to grow. Always methodical, Brian reflected on how to turn his passion into a career. Eventually, the eureka moment happened.

Nearing the end of his successful undergraduate career it became apparent that a passing interest in practicing law had grown into something more. Being an attorney suited his passion and values and due to his success in the classroom Brian was admitted to attend the University of Kentucky College of Law in the fall of 1989.

Knowing full well the high attrition rate of law students Brian drew upon the determination forged in his earlier years to ensure he would prevail where others had failed. Brian’s time at law school instilled in him the knowledge he would need to be a successful practicing attorney.

With his work ethic, passion, and after graduating in 1992, the acumen to help others in hand Brian began his career.

Coming home to give back

Between 1992 and 1995 Brian was an associate attorney practicing law in Paintsville, KY. It was at this critical juncture in his life when his career path took an entrepreneurial turn. Brian’s love and appreciation for his hometown had not abated.

Compelled to go back to his roots to help those in Inez and surrounding areas Brian Cumbo Law opened for business in 1995. Dedicating his life to representing the underserved and misrepresented Brian has helped numerous individuals and families through difficult times.

During his 24+ years in practice Brian has litigated cases in State and Federal Courts throughout Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia, with a focus in automobile accidents, personal injury, & bankruptcy.

After over a decade of public service he was admitted to practice in West Virginia in 2007. He is appointed to serve as the 24th Judicial Circuit District Court Martin County Trial Commissioner and the 24th Judicial Circuit Martin County Master Commissioner.

pen_L Created with Sketch. Another Satisfied Client

A doctor ruptured my aorta during surgery, and I nearly bled to death. I was in the hospital for over a month trying to recover. Brian took on the doctors and their insurance companies, and got me the compensation I deserved. James Estep