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Experience & Success

Brian Cumbo was born and raised in the heart of coal mining country, Inez, Kentucky. Embodying many of the values commonly associated with the region, Brian is proud of his cultural heritage and has made it his life focus to better his community and the people within it.

Areas of Practice

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I nearly lost my left arm when a loaded coal truck struck the vehicle I was in while at an intersection. Brian began working on my case immediately, hiring experts to analyze the scene before the evidence was destroyed, and contacting a crucial eyewitness. Even while I was fighting to save my arm, Brian was working to get the compensation I deserved. I recommend Brian to everyone I know. Mary Ann Stratton
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Brian's History

Brian Cumbo is a practicing trial attorney with over 24 years of experience. During that time he has successfully represented many individuals and families in their time of need. Whether it’s preparing for an automobile accident & personal injury trial or walking individuals through what options are best for their families in bankruptcy matters, Brian always puts his client’s interests first.

About Brian